Uploading your files into your easyWEB account (FTP/SFTP instructions)

1. Download an SFTP Client

To upload your website to the server you will need to connect with an FTP client, we recommend Filezilla. It is a free download and works well on both PC and Mac operating systems. You can download Filezilla here https://filezilla-project.org/download.php

2. Enter FTP Credentials

Fill out the following fields with your FTP login credentials. You will be provided these credentials via email to your easyDNS member account when your easyWEB installation is provisioned.

Host: [your easyWEB hostname]
Username: [ your easyWEB username]
Password: [ your easyWEB password]

Click on “Quickconnect”


3. Connect to server

The files listed on the left hand side are the files on your local system. You will need to navigate through your file structure and locate the folder that contains your website files.

The files listed on the right hand side are the files and folders of the web server. the folder highlighted below is the “root” folder. All website files will need to be in the root folder or sub directory of the root if you want the file to be accessible online.


4. Open www root folder

All files that need to be viewable/accessible online must be placed in the folder titled “www”. This is the root folder of the web server.  All the files listed on the right hand side are the files on the web server.

Double click the “www” folder and you will now be able to see what is in the folder, as well as upload or download files.


5. Upload Files

The left hand side of the screen displays the files on your local system. Navigate through the file structure to find your website site files. Once located you can upload the files by either double clicking the file, or you can right-click the file and select “Upload”


6. Test your website!

You will now see the “index.html” file has been uploaded to the www directory, which means it is now live. You can test by opening a browser and navigating to http://[your domain name]/index.html