Setting up a site when your domain is not managed via easyDNS

Given that a core tenet over at easyDNS has always been “to drive a stake through the heart of lock-in in all it’s forms”, it is of course possible to setup your easyPress installation on a domain name that is not managed by easyDNS.

To do this you just need to point the DNS for your domain at the following IP:

In DNS parlance, you want the following: IN A IN CNAME

Please bear in mind that if you manage the domain name externally then you cannot avail yourself of some key high availability features that come included with “The Deal” package and above, such as DNS Failover.

Further, if the DNS settings for your easyPress installation ever change, if your domain name is with easyDNS, we’ll take care of the details for you, if it’s managed externally you’ll have to do it and we’ll send out window notifications to you for that.

Also note that on all easyPress packages, your domain fees are included (read: you get a free domain name and easyDNS Anycast-deployed DNS services). Supported TLDs for this are: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info. …Just sayin’.