Use SSH Keys for Password-less SFTP Logins

You will notice that in your root directory, the same one you’ll find your WordPress directory within when you SFTP in, also contains a .ssh directory. In there you’ll find an authorized_keys file. You can add as many SSH public keys as you’d like to authorized_keys which provides a means to allow password-less logins and add give access to other users. If you work with a developer or designer who needs SFTP access to y0ur files you can add their SSH key to authorized_keys and from then on they will be able to log in without having to share your SFTP password.

There are many tutorials on how to generate SSH key pairs. The procedure all depends on the SFTP client you are using. Here are a few helpful links

Once you’ve created your key pair you will need to add the public key to the authorized_keys file

  1. SFTP to easyPress using your SFTP username and password
  2. change into the .ssh directory
  3. download the authorized_keys file to your local computer
  4. add the SSH public key to the local copy of the  authorized_keys file (copy and paste the text)
  5. save the the file after adding the key
  6. upload the file back to your easyPress server

Whenever you need to add a new key simply repeat the steps making sure to add the new key to the authorized_keys without overwriting any of the existing keys in the file.